4u Fresh Produce

4u Fresh Produce

Our company name is also our mission statement and we pride ourselves on that, but also on the flexibility of the range of products we can provide.

So what do we do? Our potatoes are cultivated in the best environmental conditions until they are ready to be harvested. Our potatoes are grown to an incredibly high standard to ensure the products we produce for our customers get off to the best start. When the time is right we harvest and select only the best fresh produce. At the end of the production line the potatoes are packed and shipped to customers for immediate use.

We’ve been doing this for quite some time, with customers of all sizes,  so you can trust us to deliver for you & with you, to a very high standard. Our staff are trained to a very high standard and professionalism is our watch word. Quality products at sensible prices, speedily delivered for freshness.


The waste product created by our vegetable and potato processing include peelings, soil and starch. But what to do with this waste? It is rich in nutrients that can be used to generate Green Energy! Woodmansey Business Park  is host to Gascorp (Plaxton) Ltd – the Company behind the onsite Anaerobic Digestion Plant. This AD Plant creates green, sustainable energy from waste vegetation – feeding natural gas to the National Grid. The collaboration between these two important Companies is what the future of energy generation will look like – Waste to Power.


Did you know that lorries can run on sustainably produced methane gas? Biomethane is derived from organic waste, such as food waste, treated in an anaerobic digester – where microbes break down the organic matter in the absence of oxygen to produce biogas, which is then cleaned and converted to biomethane. This form of fuel has increased in uptake in recent years for use in companies’ private fleets as well as public transport.

4U Fresh Produce’S haulage Company is based at Woodmansey Business Park, M&F Haulage. This fleet of lorries  are undergoing a biomethane transformation – further reducing their environmental footprint. This move towards biomethane will reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by 80 per cent, with each truck saving over 100 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) every year. Within ten years, the site alone could save over 40,000 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to the carbon footprint produced by over 9,000 UK households.

Moreover, as these gas trucks are also quieter, decreasing noise pollution, M&F Haulage believes they are more suitable for urban deliveries than diesel alternatives.



Do you have an idea for a new product? Developing new food products is costly and we understand that. We can help you develop it, with free samples up to 100 kg to help you turn your ideas into reality.  

Find us at: http://www.4ufreshproduce.co.uk/