About Us

Woodmansey Business Park & Key Growing Limited

“Woodmansey Business Park wishes to create a future that does not restrict development and the future plans of the community of tenants already here. We would like our future projects to help us to further develop a visually aesthetic and more community focused place to work, compatible with every aspect of modern life whilst maintaining the unique features that this Park boasts. We wish to support local jobs, local amenities, create further employment, and in the future we wish to be part of a local plan to enhance the local school, children’s facilities and supply suitable retirement/starter/family homes for our wider community.”

Our History

The Dutch migrated to Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire in the 1930-40’s in their 1000’s and, with their superior knowledge of horticulture under glass and their farming skills, they transformed the area – providing employment, infrastructure and integrating into the communities. In Woodmansey many such families arrived and on this 20 acre site the Los Family built greenhouses and became salad growers.


Over the years the greenhouses here have been replaced by offices, warehouse, factories, retail units, tourism and leisure facilities, incubation units for “start-ups.”

Employment and Job Creation:

Woodmansey Business Park has been a centre for job creation from the early 1970’s with seasonal and full time positions and today there is more than 400 jobs throughout the Park.

Lakes and Ponds

Woodmansey Business Park has worked enthusiastically to create a great place to work that enhances the natural habitat and has the potential to confront a major local issues: environmental drainage. We have created ponds and planted 1000 of trees and shrubs within the Park and this has the added benefit of enhancing the landscaping.

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