AGC Commodity Storage

AGC Commodity Storage

Founded by Mr Christopher Rogers and previously trading as H.D.Cotterell since 1986, AGC (Commodity Store) Ltd is a full member of the British Coffee Association, and specialises in the warehousing, handling and logistics of soft commodities.

AGC specializes in the handling and storage, transport and quality control of coffee and cocoa on behalf of international trading companies, coffee processors and manufacturers of fine chocolate. But with a new direction and over 20 years’ experience in trade and logistics with coffee and other products, we also have insight into the current issues that affect our clients and the coffee industry at large. Today, sustainability and corporate social responsibility have been integrated across the entire chain, something we feel is deeply important.

Thanks to our over our years of experience, when it comes to coffee beans, we know absolutely everything about transport, logistics, storage, Customs formalities and quality control.

Company Overview

We are full members of the UKWA, BCA, Soil Association, and FDA Registered.

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